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Trademark monitoring and response to malicious trademark registration

Zhengyu regularly monitors client’s trademarks by software or manual. Supervision report will be timely submitted once similar trademarks are found under application; or if there’s malicious intention found, Zhengyu will advise client to launch background investigation, collecting evidences not only for trademark opposition, but also for other relevant information involving in infringement on client’s other intellectual property rights, by which will help client improve the successful rate of trademark opposition and stop the infringement. 

Due diligence and strategy of trademark ownership
Refer to previous experience, many foreign brands encounter trademark ownership obstacles when entering into Chinese market. Basing upon professional search and legal analysis, Zhengyu counsels are able to issue report including safety notice and legal advices. With help of due diligence and negotiation, clients may be advised to launch trademark revocation or invalidation, to clear up obstacles of trademark ownership and reduce risk of infringing other’s IPR. 
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