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IPR affirmation and litigation 

Basing upon accurate understanding and full experience on examination procedure and standard of trademark and patent, Zhengyu is able to deal with IPR cases of all kinds, maximally help to maintain stable right basis for clients, extending protection scope, stopping others’ malicious registration and imitation, which includes review of refused trademark application when client’s ownership encounter obstacles, and appropriate response to trademark opposition, invalidation and revocation when there’s third party’s ownership involved. 

The aforementioned administrative right affirmation is generally connected to administrative litigation. If a case comes to litigation stage, Zhengyu can act on behalf of client and earn the best outcome for client, by making use of court’s intentional comment and litigation procedure.

Litigation against infringement on intellectual property

Zhengyu has lawyers with IPR expertise. Profound legal theory and rich practical experience enable lawyers to handle complicate, difficult and forefront IPR protection cases, including innovation patent, software copyright, cyber unfair competition, anti-monopoly etc.  

Meanwhile, standardized and strict litigation procedure management allow Zhengyu to launch quick and efficient litigation claiming for compensation targeting at cases which have been previously investigated or raided, to strengthen outcome of raid actions and help clients to balance the cost of right protection.  

An enterprise may inevitably encounter various legal problems or risks from establishment to management. Zhengyu’s professional lawyer team, not only help to solve specific law issue by using of expertise, but also standardize business operation by legal methods, preventing from different unexpected legal risks and reducing unnecessary litigation and dispute. And an enterprise may find lawyer’s importance from aspects of cutting operation cost, improving work efficiency, and optimizing enterprise culture. For these purposes, Zhengyu is able to not only serve as annual legal counsel to provide clients with comprehensive legal advice, but also project special IPR strategy and protection system in China for clients. 
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