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Investigation and evidence collection 

Relying on investigation expertise, efficient information collection network, and various investigation techniques, Zhengyu can provide services, including but not limited to monitoring on important domestic markets which are severely impacted by counterfeit, screening out specific counterfeit making sections by clues analysis; field investigation and evidence collection for infringing activities of different kinds; tracing down to production den or storage warehouse by market search, logistics, and delivery route etc.; preserving evidences for infringement with help of notary office, further consolidating the infringement evidence for litigation; collecting and managing infringement information data, continuously monitoring and preventing from repeated infringement. 

Cyber monitoring and cleaning 

Along with the popularity and development of internet, cyber infringement is becoming new challenge to well-known brands. By using of monitoring software Zhengyu is able to monitor various e-commerce shops at real time, obtain sellers’ product price and specification, name, linkage and physical location to further locate suspect. The aforementioned information will be recorded in data analysis system for statistical analysis. 

Zhengyu not only provides clients with key infringing information but also projects on-line right protection for clients, by submitting infringement report to on-line IPR protection department to delete infringing linkage, shut down illegal on-line shop and further clear up internet market. Meanwhile, basing upon demand of clients, Zhengyu can trace from on-line clue down to off-line field raid action, after confirming the actual shop and storage address. 

Complaint and raid action

Zhengyu’s case report and complaint on infringement are accepted by competent authorities in time and handled impartially due to good cooperation and communication with PSB, MSB, customs etc. The cases and complaint are as follows, including but not limited to 

1. criminal raid action: Zhengyu assists law enforcement authority to deal with more than a hundred criminal cases, including assisting Ministry of Public Security to launch group raid action, effectively crack down on counterfeit making chain and network. Criminal raid action is one of Zhengyu’s Feature; 

2. administrative raid action: Zhengyu’s expertise and professional knowledge are affirmed by law enforcement authorities during dealing with complicate administrative cases, such as typical package and decoration of well-known commodity, conflict between shop name and trademark right, patent infringement complaint etc.;

3. customs protection: Zhengyu acts on behalf of clients to participate into different training activities, help clients to organize customs training and follow up case timely, by which customs may initiatively stop and supervise counterfeit goods. 

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